Reliable subgraph hosting


0xgraph enables seamless deployment of subgraphs to query blockchain data faster and more reliably than ever before.

With 0xgraph, users can fetch smart contract data 3x faster than existing solutions, with 99.9%+ guaranteed uptime. The platform is 100% compatible with subgraphs on The Graph's hosted and decentralized networks.

Developers benefit from plug-and-play deployment and easy subgraph migration from The Graph. 0xgraph uses the same tooling, UI, and similar CLI as The Graph, making for painless onboarding.

The key advantages of 0xgraph:

  • 3x faster data queries than alternatives

  • 99.9%+ availability uptime SLA

  • Fully compatible with The Graph subgraphs

  • Plug-and-play deployment

  • Identical tooling and UI as The Graph

  • Zero infrastructure to run - just query and go

By leveraging 0xgraph, blockchain developers can build dApps that reliably access on-chain data faster than ever. The platform's speed, uptime guarantees, and seamless compatibility remove the headaches of subgraph hosting.

For more information, reference the 0xgraph full documentation:

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