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Ultra fast and reliable web3 data infra


The emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has generated vast amounts of valuable data that needs to be effectively indexed, stored, and analyzed. However, the decentralized and transaction-heavy nature of blockchains poses challenges for traditional data infrastructure. Crypto companies, dApps, and developers need purpose-built solutions to harness the power of blockchain datasets in a scalable and cost-efficient manner.

Ormi Labs has engineered a cutting-edge suite of on-chain data pipeline solutions, designed to optimize and reduce costs associated with handling on-chain data needs for developers. Currently, our principal offerings include:

  • 0xdb - A Postgres database providing a fixed monthly cost and specifically optimized for extensive blockchain data access. It is ideally suited for applications that require large data volume, such as Machine Learning, custom Business Intelligence, LLM/GPT-4, and API workflows.

  • 0xgraph - A high-speed subgraph hosting solution, delivering performance that is 3x faster than Graph Protocol. With the added advantages of one-click migration and 100% spec-compliance for any subgraph on The Graph’s hosted and decentralized networks, 0xgraph eliminates lag and downtime.

At Ormi Labs, we are a meticulous team of experienced distributed systems engineers, constantly monitoring the evolving needs and challenges of web3 developers. In other words, we stand ready to craft rapid, top-tier on-chain data pipeline solutions to match the pace of the web3 era.

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