CLI Usage

Sample CLI usage
Summary: The 0xgraph cli gives you the superuser access to enterprise-grade subgraph infrastructure.

Sample commands to get you started

  • 0xgraph init — Creates a new subgraph project from an example or an existing contract.
  • 0xgraph create — Registers a subgraph name.
  • 0xgraph remove — Unregisters a subgraph name.
  • 0xgraph codegen — Generates AssemblyScript types for smart contract ABIs and the subgraph schema.
  • 0xgraph build — Compiles a subgraph to WebAssembly.
  • 0xgraph deploy — Deploys a subgraph to 0xgraph.
  • 0xgraph auth — Stores a 0xgraph access token in the system's keychain.
  • 0xgraph local — Runs tests against a test environment (using Ganache by default).
  • 0xgraph test — Downloads and runs the Matchstick rust binary in order to test a subgraph.
  • 0xgraph add - Adds a new datasource to the yaml file and writes the necessary changes to other files - schema.graphql, abi and mapping.
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