0xgraph - Reliable Subgraph Indexing

Deploy subgraphs with 99.9%+ availability and fetch smart contract data at 3x the speed. 100% spec-compliant with every subgraph on The Graph's hosted and decentralized networks.
Sunsetting The Graph Hosted Service: The Graph Foundation is sunsetting its Hosted Service in favor of their decentralized network called The Graph Network.
This sunsetting of hosted services applies to chains once they are supported on The Graph Network. As of July 2023, this includes: Ethereum, Gnosis Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Celo, and Avalanche.
For developers and teams who prefer the reliability and speed of a hosted subgraph service, 0xgraph is dedicated to supporting these teams in continuing their hosted subgraphs for maximum performance and reliability.


Subgraphs are customizable, open-source solutions for indexing and accessing real-time blockchain data through GraphQL APIs.
0xgraph is a zero-hassle subgraph hosting solution that 100% spec-compliant with every subgraph on The Graph Protocol’s hosted and decentralized networks, minus the lag and down time.
  • Plug and play deployment and subgraph migration from hosted services.
  • Deploy subgraphs with the same tooling, UI, and similar CLI as The Graph.
  • Query subgraphs without running any nodes or infrastructure.
0xgraph currently supports the following networks:
  • Ethereum
    • Mainnet
    • Sepolia Testnet
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum-One
    • Mainnet
    • Sepolia Testnet
    • Goerli Testnet
  • Arbitrum-Nova
  • Mantle
    • Mainnet
    • Testnet
  • Metis
    • Mainnet
    • Goerli Testnet
With the following networks available upon request:
  • Optimism
  • zkSync
  • Cronos
  • BNB
  • Optimism
  • Public Goods Network
  • Artela Testnet
Any other network you'd need? Please email us: [email protected]
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